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We provide strong steel framing for homes that can survive almost anything.
You can custom-build your dream home
or browse our wide variety of preexisting floor plans.

Why build with steel?

  • Made in USA
  • Durability/Low Cost
  • Allergin reducer
  • Value/competitively priced
  • energy efficient
  • protection/safety
  • enviromentally feasible

About us

Kodiak Steel homes is widely recognized as having the strongest steel frame homes in the world. Since 1994, our homes have withstood the highest hurricane force winds and taken direct hits from tornadoes all without a single structural failure.

With Kodiak steel homes, there is nothing to rot, no organic material to support mold growth, and nothing for termites to eat. Our homes are framed with structural steel I-beams and heavy metal studs. We are the only steel home company that does not require a plywood sheathing, or equivalent on the exterior.

That’s why our homes make sense. They are priced competitively, and they look great. Kodiak steel homes are easy to build, need little maintenance and are non-combustible.

Steve Yoder, CEO Kodiak Steel Homes



What Our Customers Say

Thank you! We had a very large pine tree fall on our house from Hurricane Irene ... no damage at all!

-Kathy & Pete C

When the nightmare of the Cedar Fire was over, we were amazed that our Kodiak Steel Home had only cosmetic damage... the structure of our steel home was still intact!

-Bruce R

The winds were recorded at 146 MPH sustained with gusts up to 185 MPH... no structural damage to the building occurred...

-George S

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  • Does it look like a conventional home?

    Once they are finished, our homes look like any other house.

  • How will my home look and feel on the inside?

    The inside framing is covered with sheet rock and painted.

  • Can my home have a fireplace?

    Absolutely! It can go anywhere in the home you like.

  • What about lightning hitting the home?

    A steel framed home is no more likely to be hit by lightning than a wood framed house.

  • Can I change the standard floorplan?

    Yes! All of our homes have an open span design so you can put the interior walls anywhere you want to.